Is Time Ever on my Side?

This week I saw my doctor again. He is concerned about bone marrow suppression at this point. We agreed not starting other treatment right now. Chemotherapy has completely taken a toll on my body. I am anemic, (no surprise) I have scary low levels of so many other things right now. Levels are way too low to start biologic drugs and I’m secretly excited about that. I don’t want to start a biologic. If any lower will need blood transfusion. Will repeat labs in 2 weeks. He’s not happy with labs, although chemo drug was helping a little. Apparently I’m still not within the weight class he would like, however, the constant vomiting and nausea doesn’t help after the chemo and injections. So here we are… post day 2 of round 2 chemo, week 9. Where’s my chocolate??

Currently following up with other specialists as well. Most recent update on organ involvement shows chronic kidney disease stage 1. ALT/AST within normal limits but bordering outside of doctors comfort level. I don’t have time for liver issues right now. Let’s face one thing at a time, for pete’s sake! Also, who the heck has time for a 24 hour urine? I mean, do you really think Nordstrom’s is going to let me walk in with a jug full of urine while I casually try clothes on? I promise I have an excuse for everything.

Ok but for real, where’s my chocolate?!

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