About Me

Welcome to SarahBrookeSocial.com!

Born and raised in Texas, I’m a lover of all things sunny and warm. Give me a passport and a beach towel and I can keep myself busy for 365 days a year. I travel the world with my teenager and we love to explore new adventures. I grew up with three siblings; two beautiful sisters and a baby brother. I am blessed to have a sweet and loving brother-in-law and a funny and charismatic brother-in-law. My only wish is that everyone lived closer. But it’s always a good reason to travel, too!

After high school I attended college for about a year. I started my family young. After finding out I was pregnant my whole view on life quickly changed. I began making bucket lists and having life goals and planning my child’s wedding. Ok—slow down Sarah! But seriously, I was ecstatic!

I built a house at the ripe ‘ol age of 21. My son was born very early as the result of HELLP Syndrome. This is a rare disease that occurs in less than twenty thousand women per year. You can read more about our scary HELLP adventure on my blog.

A few years after my son was born I decided to go back to college. A wise man once told me that no one can ever take my education away from me. He is right! I have two degrees; Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Bachelor of Arts in Behavioral Science. My plan was to become a social worker. Then I wanted to be a teacher. I also thought about LPC. I always knew I wanted to be an advocate for kids but I could not seem to narrow down where my greatest passion was. So here I am; neither a social worker or a teacher, but I am killing it as an advocate for my teen. That counts, right? Right.

We currently live in Texas in a small town on the lake. We’ve built a fun life here and enjoy this area. My son is very involved with school, baseball, football and wrestling. He is currently in his junior year at high school and I couldn’t be more proud of him. He wants to attend Texas Tech after high school and becoming an engineer. I will still be in my 30’s after he graduates high school so it will be interesting to see where my road leads after graduation.

Life moves. Always. Sometimes a little too fast. It’s my job as a mother to stay grounded with values and purpose. When I’m not doing the laundry or cheering my teen on at baseball games, I am writing. My mind never stops. I think this is what keeps me the most sane in this amazing whirlwind of an adventure we call life.

Something recently came crashing down on me. It was similar to a tidal wave in the ocean that’s so big and strong, and you can’t fight the current to get a breath.

Yes. That kind of crash.

Here it goes.

I was recently diagnosed with Lupus. I still have a (very) hard time saying that. I’m sort of in that in between stage of denial-acceptance-denial-acceptance, then back to denial. Ask me how I’m feeling next week. I’m still a little unsure of the jumbled and confused thoughts in my head that are battling each other to comprehend the treatment plan, prognosis, etc. But don’t worry! This is where my writing comes in handy. Great material! I have an amazing and supportive family who is strong by my side. It really does take a village—even when you’re grown and in your 30’s. Sometimes mother’s are still there to catch you when you fall and I am blessed to have my mom catch me every time I fall.

I’ve gone through life thinking I can conquer all of life’s obstacles. Usually I do. Sometimes my Supermom cape needs a good washing and that’s when I do some of my best writing. Life does not stop with a diagnosis. So this is my therapeutic way to help heal a broken immune system and gain perspective as I move into the next chapter of my journey.

I have big thoughts, lots of views, some completely inappropriate opinions, great friends, and a family who loves me unconditionally. My hope for anyone following this blog is to not feel alone. It’s so easy to seclude ourselves from others and have the mindset that no one understands our battles.

You’re wrong. So wrong.

Stay strong and breathe because your journey is not over!

God Bless,