When traumatizing things occur in life like suddenly losing a loved one, we seem to step into the twilight zone for a bit. It is our way of not yet accepting the reality that we cannot face. We all have to face times like this in our life, and if you live long enough, you will see all of your friends pass on before you.

Everyone wants to go to heaven, but no one wants to die. If you want a sobering look at life, take a walk through a cemetery and look at the dates. Even though this cycle of life is nothing new, we are rarely prepared for it.

While my sweet Ashton mourns the loss of his amazing Great Grandfather, Hobart Marchant, we embrace the laughter while we talk about all of the hours they spent playing with little green Army men on the kitchen table, we look back at photos of all the Halloween’s spent dressed up to look like Papa in the Military and reflect on how much of an impact he made on Ashton’s life. Each year Ashton signs a baseball and leaves it on his Papa’s grave as a gentle reminder that he is always heavy on his heart and he knows his Papa is watching over him. Each year he picks out a ball from his stash of old dirty baseballs, he cleans one off and takes it in his room and signs it. Although it’s a day that comes too fast each year, Ashton looks forward to having this day all to himself with his Papa.

The Holy Spirit is right there with us to bring comfort during these trying times, though we may not recognize Him, just as Mary did not recognize Jesus standing right in front of her.

Prayer: Heavenly Father please send me the Comforter today for I need a touch from You. Fill me up God where I will not be so empty and dry my tears. Bring sunshine back into my life Lord, in the name of Jesus Christ I pray.



Until Next Time