Not Today HELLP Syndrome

HELLP Syndrome

Such a sweet moment. Unfortunately not all families survive this terrible disease. This video reminds me so much of my sweet Ashton. Sometimes I almost can’t imagine a baby as small as he was at birth, but I also can’t imagine a day without him.

He only weighed 4lbs 3oz. I remember the last thing I said before the doctor put me under anesthesia for the emergency c section. I grabbed my doctors hand with tears in my eyes, she squeezed my hand and leaned in and I whispered to her, “save my baby first.” And she did. To this day I have a hard time reliving the moments that led up to Ashton’s birth and nearly losing him. What if the doctor didn’t hear the emergency page over the hospital intercom? What if my mom wasn’t there? What if they waited 2 minutes longer to get him out? What if my mother wasn’t persistent like she had been with the nurses prior to getting the doctor so fast? What if God didn’t answer my prayer? Only very few people are aware of my condition. I had HELLP Syndrome, which is a rare medical condition that doctors are still not sure what the exact cause is. In addition to this, it turns out the placenta completely detached prior to the c section.

I could not see Ashton for 24 hours after the c section because I was declining rapidly. The doctors agreed to wheel my bed into the NICU so I could hold his tiny little body just long enough for me to kiss him. They took me away less than 2 minutes later for what we thought was going to be a smooth recovery. Boyyyy were we wrong. We were both fighting for our lives on opposite ends of the hospital. Ashton’s weight dropped down to 1lb 6oz. My liver and kidneys were shutting down. I was on the verge of having a stroke due to complications of HELLP Syndrome, I had blood transfusion x 6 pints due to the amount of blood I lost. I was having blood drawn every 3 hours on the clock for days to make sure the transfusion was working. But let me tell you… I would go through everything again and again to see his big blue eyes and smile. After several weeks in the hospital we were finally home together.

He’s my little miracle and he gives me the strength I need when I feel like throwing in the towel. It’s amazing what a new child brings to this world. I am so blessed to be his mom and tuck him in bed each night while we say our prayers and thank God for the lives he saved on that Saturday morning. — feeling grateful.


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