Thirteen Going on 25

Thirteen years ago today you came home from the hospital. It was Thanksgiving night and the NICU set up a room for us so we could spend the entire night with you in our arms. I remember wondering what your first bath would be like without all of the nurses and monitors. I remember wondering what it would be like to feel you wrap your arms around my neck and tell me you love me. I remember wondering what it would be like to teach you how to ride a bike. I wondered what kind of things you would like as you grew up. I often thought about what kind of student you would be, and how you would treat other people. I wondered how in he world did I become so blessed to be your mom. I thought about what sports you would play and what kind of foods would be your favorite.

Today, thirteen years later, I still wonder some of these things. I wonder which college you will go to. I think about the woman you will one day marry and what your first child’s name will be. I embrace every single hug you give me. I love your imagination and how well you get along with everyone. I love that you cook me eggs for no reason at all. Most of all, I love that God chose me to be your mom.

And believe it or not kiddo, I still come in your room at night to watch your chest raise up and down as you sleep soundly in your bed.

You are my whole entire world.



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