These are the Days

These are the days that blend into one another. That are at once endless and fleeting; simultaneously tedious and filled with more color and life and love and fun than any you’ve ever known before.

Because these are also the days that are filled to the brim with purpose. The days when getting up in the morning is a biological necessity.

These are days of Creole eggs at the breakfast table and discussions about Engineering and dissecting sheep brains and bowling and learning to drive all wrapped into one.

These are days of inches grown measured in pencil marks on the door frame in the closet and pairs of skinny jeans and converse shoes. Of bath towels littering the bathroom floor and a baseball bat that’s tucked halfway under the bed for comfort.

They are days that will be gone forever in the blink of an eye. Days to survive but also to treasure, to tuck away in the heart and revisit in years to come.


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