Alter Ego or Reflection?

As women, we paint on a smile with our makeup. We slip our shirt over our heads with a veil of strength. In the mirror, we see what the world sees, but our reflection doesn’t always reveal the pain, sadness, exhaustion, and weakness we feel inside. Out the door we go, we put on our game face and get ready to play.

You see, no matter what is going on, where we’re coming from, or the mix of real emotion we feel, when someone asks how we are, we answer good. Because we don’t want to burden someone with our honesty, we simply say good; it’s a safe answer, requiring no follow-up.

At what point does honesty become a burden? At what point do we feel the need to hide what’s going on inside, our struggles and our excitement? At what point do we feel the pressure to make everything good even when it’s not?

When is it enough?


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