Those Hands

Those are the hands that seemed so tiny at first but continued to grow stronger each day as he learned to tie his shoes, zip his jacket, color in the lines, swing a bat, and throw a ball.

Those are the hands that constantly tugged on my pant leg, tapped me on the back because he needed me and only I could help him.

Those are the hands that loved to build forts, bake cookies, dig in the sand, turn the pages of the books we read, and make hand puppets in the dark with flashlights.

Those are the hands that turn the ignition and take the wheel without fear because I’ve instilled so much confidence. Although that part terrifies me, it excites me too. I embrace these days without training wheels.

As apprehensive as I once was for this time to come, it’s proven to be quit possibly some of the best years so far.


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